It helps decrease the amount of garbage and waste in our landfills.


Respecting the Earth simply means being nice to it. Don’t Trash it!

Pittsburg BayPoint Disposal Origins

Pittsburg BayPoint Disposal is owned and operated by the Garaventa family.

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Notice: We will picking up your garbage and recycling on July 4th, 2018. For more information:
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We have a new name: Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery.

Although our name has changed, we are still the same company with the same great service. We have changed the name of our company to reflect what we do, which is recycling and recovering items. We are not a landfill company, we collect, recycle and recover. Our name change reflects what we actually do and our environmental goals.
Pittsburg Bay Point Disposal Service, a Garaventa Company, is the local recycling and garbage company for the Pittsburg Bay Point area, and has served the needs of the Pittsburg Bay Point residents for many years.

Here, you’ll find clear, helpful information on our reasonable rates, wide-ranging service options, and convenient pick-up arrangements.

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